Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wonder Woman #25 (Story Three, Part 4, finale): THE JUDGMENT OF GODDESS VULTURA

When last we read, the Purple Priestess was going to have Wonder Woman bring down the statue of the Goddess Vultura and keel everyone below. Now on to the thrilling conclusion:

PP whispers a command to the princess and the (mentally helpless) Allura does as she's told, asking the goddess Vultura to give judgment on the prisoners. Just as we feared, Wonder Woman's mighty Amazon power pulls the statue off its moorings, and it's headed for a massive girl-crushing! PP punctuates the picture with, "Aah--Ooh! Ze prisoners are guilty -- ze goddess hurls her statue upon them!" (It looks like the end for Wonder Woman, Etta, Princess-- aww heck, see list of victims in part 3.)

"But though the malicious Purple Priestess counted on Wonder Woman's strength, she did not foresee the Amazon's incredible resistance to hurtling tons of metal..." That's right, boys and boys, Diana manages to plant her feet and stop the force of the falling statue by bracing her back. (Man, that back has had a workout in this story).

And against her mighty strength, the statue stops falling and is held above the heads of the kneeling prisoners. (I wonder if the shock of the tremendous metal statue falling on her back will restore Wonder Woman's brain to normal?

"The shock of the tremendous metal statue falling on her back restores Wonder Woman's brain to normal." (Caught me completely by surprise) Wonder Woman thinks, "I-I can think again! What am I doing holding this silly statue and wearing these puny chains? Great goddesses! There's the Purple Priestess!"

(Love this panel! It's a picture of Wonder Woman thinking about silly statues and puny chains. Innit cool? I like the look on her face. In fact, I've used it as an avatar on many boards.)

Apparently, carrying statues on her back gets Wondy hot because the text box says, "The aroused Amazon whips into action". Whatever turns you on, baby, cuz look at her fling that giant statue aside, crashing it into bits! (Even though Wonder Woman has smashed the king's favorite goddess, he probably won't bill her for it, because he was getting pretty sick of that statue's demands. I hate it when metal talks through an evil priestess, don't you?)

When PP tries to get away, WW lassoes her, saying "Just a minute, Purple Priestess -- You've a date on Reform Island for some Amazon Taming!" (note: Reform Island is a small island near Paradise Island where all the female prisoners go. They wear belts of submission and learn to control their evilness through loving submission to Amazon overlords. Sometimes it works. Baroness Paula Von Gunther went to Reform Island and eventually became a top Amazon scientist and Diana's best friend. Sometimes it doesn't work, and prisoners escape to wreak more havoc.)

Wonder Woman unmasks PP and realizes with a shock that she's really Sinestra, "the enemy spy who worked against America during the war!" What a coup for Lt. Diana Prince! She caught a war criminal!

Later, after everyone has recovered from the purple gas, Diana bids adieu to the king, who is very happy to see water once again flowing in his country's fields. Etta and the girls decide to stay, to study those windmills without being kidnapped (always a danger around windmills, ask the Dutch)! Princess Allura gives Diana a big hug and vows to be like Wonder Woman. Zarikan will no longer worship the cruel Vultura (hey -- it was the Priestesses fault! You don't really think the statue was calling the shots do you?) . Instead, they'll worship truth and goodness. (Yeah, but trying making a giant statue of truth and goodness! Not so easy, as they'll find out!) Who needs steenking freedom of religion when you've got a royal family telling you what to worship?

Oh, heck, this tender scene deserves a big "Awww"! Besides, you can find more Wonder Woman adventures in Comic Cavalcade and Sensation Comics -- and that makes a very happy ending!

That, my friends, closes the book on Wonder Woman #25. You have it cover to cover. Life is always better when you own lots and lots of Wonder Woman comics. Every issue has all the fun, danger, superheroics, adventure and bondage that any kid could want! Go out and buy one today!

Now, please write me a comment if you read this whole thing. Tell me what you thought or I'll shut down your windmills!


Jim Perreault said...

What a great story! It's easily the best of the three. I loved the Purple Priestess character.

I notices Wonder Woman did not assume she was chained by a man, and immediately escaped. The Wisdom of Athena must have been present that day.

I'll have to be more careful around windmills. Or at the very least, don't go swimming near them.

Joanna Sandsmark said...

I agree, Jim, the third story is by far the best. It's also the story I'm almost certain was written by Marston himself.

As for being chained, the only male in the story was the king. It was a pretty good shot that it had to be a woman who chained her. And since the Priestess appeared to get off on that kind of thing, Wondy probably knew escaping the chains was almost a given.

And do be careful about swimming upside down around windmills. I know I am.

Anonymous said...

what abouts the Hanchmens from earlyer?

Joanna Sandsmark said...

She took the henchmen to jail (carried them on her back). It was only the Purple Priestess who managed to escape at that time.