Thursday, March 7, 2013

This blog still gets the occasional visitor, so if that's you and you like what you've read, you can now find my reviews in the CGC eNewsletter (that's from the Comics Guarantee Corporation). You can find my archived columns there, starting with December of 2007. The monthly column is called The Spinner Rack (It got that name toward the end of 2008, so most of that year's prior columns were just the article titles). I do there what I used to do here -- delve into delicious DC Silver Age goodness and recount the storylines with all the affection I have inside me. I do so love those wonderful, goofy stories of yore. Head on over to the CGC site, sign up for the newsletter and while you're there, get any of your comic grading needs taken care of. They're a great bunch of people, which is evident when you realize their business is grading and encasing comics and my column is dedicated not to high grade condition, but to the joy of the stories held within. Every month I release another article. I hope you come along for the ride!